Here in the hot & dry summer months are some simple water-saving tips from Rumaldo Flores taken from an earlier interview in Angie’s List.

  • Use irrigation systems

Rumaldo Flores, owner of Flores Artscape in Los Angeles, says irrigation systems are much more water efficient than sprinklers that gush water everywhere.

  • Water in short intervals

Ideally, you own drought-tolerant plants if you live in a dry area. However, if you need to water, Flores recommends doing so in short intervals to avoid runoff. So, if you have 15 minutes to water your yard, he recommends breaking it up into three five-minute sessions.

  • Avoid watering the whole lawn the same way

Flores says you should adjust the amount of water you use according to your yard’s setup. Shady areas don’t need as much water as sunny patches.

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