We Won the 2017 Angie's List Super Service Award


A press release announcing our award was published yesterday.  We're very happy to receive this award as it shows our commitment to both giving our customers a great landscape as well as a great overall experience.   We enjoy working with you to come up with a landscape design that fits your style & aesthetic while increasing your property value at the same time.

A copy of the press release is below: 

LA Landscape Design & Installation Company Wins Angie’s List Super Service Award

Los Angeles, California, January, 2018 – Flores Artscape, a landscape design & installation company, is proud to announce that it has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award (SSA). This award honors service professionals who have maintained exceptional service ratings and reviews on Angie’s List in 2017.

Flores Artscape has been honored with the Super Service Award four times.  This year they won in these four categories: Landscaping, Stone & Gravel, Lawn Irrigation as well as Landscaping-Hardscaping & Pavers.  This is due to their expertise in a wide range of custom outdoor services from drought-tolerant landscaping to fences, patios, decks, pergolas and driveways.

“The service providers that receive our Angie’s List Super Service Award demonstrate the level of excellence that members have come to expect,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “These pros are top-notch and absolutely deserve recognition for the trustworthy and exemplary customer service they exhibited in the past year and overall.”

Flores Artscape has been in business since 2004.  But Rumaldo Flores, the owner, has over 25 years’ experience starting with gardening in his teens, and then moving into landscaping design & installation. He’s been interviewed by voyage LA, quoted in the LA Times on drought-tolerant plants & landscaping and featured on a TV program in Mexico on Channel 22 called “Successful Mexicans”.  Most recently he was interviewed on Telemundo for a nationally-televised segment called “The Hard Journey from Gardener to Successful Entrepreneur.”    

Rumaldo in speaking of Flores Landscaping said: “What sets us apart is our communication with our customers and our willingness to help our clients with their needs. It’s the integrity and responsibility we have as a company regarding the delivery of a good service that results in us having satisfied customers. We do that by working as a team. It’s our knowledge and experience that shows in our completed projects. Our goal is to bring landscapes to life.”


 Flores Artscape, a Los Angeles landscape design & installation company established in 2004, received the 2017 Angie’s List Super Service Award for the 4th time.  Besides drought-tolerant landscaping, other services they provide include custom fences, patios, decks, pergolas & concrete work.

Artificial Turf Advantages


What are the benefits of artificial turf?

  •    Save water
  •    Save maintenance time & cost
  •    Keep that green look all year·       
  •    No fertilizer or gas-powered tools needed
  •    No mud
  •    An eco-friendly alternative
  •    Safe for kids and animals
  •    Versatile in its uses
  •    Durable & long-lasting

We’ve installed artificial turf in a wide variety of situations.  And would like to work with you on a landscape design that fits your aesthetic and needs.

We were highlighted in this Houzz article

Click on our photo (the backyard one with the globe lights & sail cover) & then on Flores Artscape aka Flores Landscaping & you can check out some of our many projects that we've posted there.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping: Decomposed Granite (DG) & Flagstone Walkway

We did a special project in Sunland with a Buddhist symbol made from gravel.  Surrounding it are various colored smooth stones.  Also there is a long flagstone walkway over a  large decomposed granite (DG) area.

Retaining Walls: What material is best for your situation?



  • ·         Fairly quick installation
  • ·         Fits in with most styles
  • ·         Tends to blend into the landscape
  • ·         With proper waterproofing it can last for 20+ years
  • ·         Best for walls under 4 feet tall


  • ·         A wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes
  • ·         Can make fit with almost any landscape
  • ·         Very durable
  • ·         Strong & can be built into custom shapes

Poured Concrete

  • ·         Unfinished it works well in modern landscapes
  • ·         Can color it or face it in various ways for other aesthetics
  • ·         Very strong
  • ·         Can build high walls with it

Cinder Blocks

  • ·         Can be faced for different effects
  • ·         Stucco is one look that works well
  • ·         Sturdy
  • ·         Durable
  • ·         Can build high


  • ·         Works well in traditional styles
  • ·         Strong
  • ·         Durable


  •           Has a distinctive aesthetic that many love
  •           Comes in different colors and shapes
  •           Very strong
  •           Can build high walls with it

With over 10 years of doing landscape design and installation jobs in Los Angeles that include retaining walls, we have a wide range of experience using all the above materials.  

We won Best of Houzz in 2017 for both Design & Service

drought-tolerant-lanscape-cactus-succulent-low-moisture-plants-mulch-colored pebbles-gravel-river-rocks-SM-houzz-2017.jpg

Flores Landscaping aka Flores Artscape, a Drought Tolerant Landscaping & Hardscape Design Company in Los Angeles receives Best of Houzz Design & Service awards in 2017

The above is part of what Houzz said about us.  We are proud and honored to have received these awards.  We do a lot to ensure each of our clients is well-taken care of and happy with the results.  We like working with you to come up with the design that meets your needs and aesthetic.  On our profile on Houzz we have a wide variety of pictures posted that highlight a number of our services.   For example:  "Custom Fences & Gates",  "Sod & Artificial Turf",  "Drought-tolerant Landscapes" and "Patio Installations".  

California Drought

12/27/2017 Note:  Turf removal rebates from the state for Los Angeles residents are no longer available, but there are still some locally, depending on the city, for up to $2.00 per square foot.  The link to find out more about how to apply for this, and if your city has this is:  http://www.socalwatersmart.com/?page_id=2967

Weeks after Gov. Jerry Brown called for the removal 50 million square feet of lawn in the state, water agencies said that they were well on their way to meeting the goal.

Since July 1, 2015 the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has paid just over $34 million in turf removal rebates. It has given the go-ahead to an additional $120 million in turf removal applications. The agency offers a rebate of $2 per square foot, which many cities have supplemented with their own rebate programs.

The DWP offers one of the highest rebates in Southern California — an additional $1.75 per square foot for residents and $1 per square foot for businesses.

About 2,600 Los Angeles residents have ripped out their lawns, along with nearly 60 companies.

The MWD has created a tool on its website to let you know if you qualify. You can also enter the square footage of your project for an estimate of the amount of the rebate, depending on the rate available from your water agency or city and the size of your project.

(If you don’t qualify, check with your local water agency to see if it has its own program.)

The next step is figuring out if your lawn meets specifications. First, you must have live grass in your yard. Homeowners who let their turf die off are not eligible.

This may change. In January, the Los Angeles City Council’s Energy and Environment Committee approved a motion urging the full council to change that requirement to include homeowners with dead or dying lawns.

The MWD has to approve any replacement project before it begins. You will need to fill out an online application and submit five photos of the turf you plan on removing as well as a copy of a recent water bill. Approval takes about two weeks.

Most programs allow only one rebate per property, even if you remove more grass later.

How long will these programs last?

That remains to be seen. Mark Gentili, a DWP water conservation supervisor, said the program is “geared to be supported to the end of the fiscal year.”

What are my options for replacement?

Most programs require drought-friendly plants. The DWP requires that 40% of the area contain plants (once they reach maturity) and materials used for pathways must be permeable, such as mulch or small rocks.

The MWD has an online resource that allows users to browse images of renovated lawns, learn about plant types and find local nurseries.

Rumaldo Flores, owner of the Glassell Park-based Flores Landscaping, said lavender, rosemary, salvia and succulents are some of the most popular replacement plants.

How soon must I complete the project?

The MWD allows 120 days. If you need more time, many agencies, including the DWP, allow for extensions.

Flores, the owner of the landscaping company, said the service generally takes a week or longer, depending on the size of the yard and the complexity of the design.

Talk to your landscaper, or do some research, so you can be realistic about how long it will take.

How much does it cost?

Price depends on the size of the yard, landscape design and ease of access (for example, a home on a hillside may cost more than a level lot).

For a yard of about 2,000 square feet, Flores said, lawn replacement can cost about $6,000, or $3 per square foot, which includes removal, installation and irrigation. That means depending on the size of your lawn, a project could cost $2,000 to more than $10,000.

Click here to read the full article which includes answers to the following questions:

What about artificial turf?

How much money will I get in return?

How do I claim my rebate?

Here is a more recent article on the subject:

Emergency 25% cut in California cities’ water use approved


PSA Kicks Off Save Our Water Campaign Asking Californians to Take Extraordinary Measures to Conserve

Sacramento, CA – In partnership with the State of California’s drought awareness program Save Our Water, international pop superstar and five-time Grammy winner Lady Gaga has released a Public Service Announcement (PSA) asking Californians to join the effort and take extraordinary measures to save water during the drought. The PSA is available on SaveOurWater.com, a new site designed to help Californians find ways to conserve at home and at work every day.

The Lady Gaga PSA also marks the launch of a new public awareness campaign from Save Our Water urging Californians to join the effort to undertake extraordinary conservation efforts. The first creative from the campaign stresses that ‘Brown is the New Green’ and asks Californians to let their lawn go brown by cutting back watering to twice a month. Additional campaign materials will be released by Save Our Water through the end of the month, including digital and social media ads, lawn signs, billboards and radio ads.

“We’re thrilled Lady Gaga has joined the effort to Save Our Water,” said Mark Cowin, director of the California Department of Water Resources. “Conservation has always been a Californian value, but in this drought regular conservation isn’t enough — we must take extraordinary measures to save water.”

Save Our Water’s campaign comes as the State Water Resources Control Board voted to adopt mandatory water conservation measures for urban water users and suppliers, including prohibitions on outdoor irrigation more than two days per week, washing hardscapes, sidewalks and driveways with water and using hoses without shutoff nozzles to wash cars.

“This is no ordinary drought and Lady Gaga is no ordinary superstar,” said Tim Quinn, Executive Director of Association of California Water Agencies. “With our new campaign and spokespeople like Lady Gaga, we hope to reach every Californian with the important message of conservation."