5 Reasons to Redo your Landscape this Fall

Your yard should be your oasis.


If you've been thinking of redoing your landscape, there's no better time than Fall. Why this season? Here's five reason's why Fall is the best time to redo your landscape in Los Angeles.


1. Fall weather is actually more favorable to new plantings than Summer.
While Summer is the classic season to spend quality time in the yard, this past season's blistering heatwave saw temperatures above 105, which caused stress to even the most drought-tolerant plants. Installing new plants in the Fall will give them time to take root during milder weather conditions.

2. Make the most of your summer, without interruption!
Summertime: The kids are home and friends and family are coming to visit regularly. When you give your backyard a facelift during the Fall, you don't have to feel you're missing out on precious summer memories. Plus, you have the added excitement of using your new landscape next year.

3. Your project may be completed faster, at a lower cost.
You can save money in an off-season remodel because so many people redo their landscapes in the spring and beginning of summer. Once the season dies down, prices tend to drop. Additionally, your project may be completed faster when the landscaping company has fewer clients to worry about. 

4. Enhance your curb appeal.
Thinking of selling your home? Fall is traditionally a peak time in Real Estate as buyers are done enjoying the Summer months and are on the hunt for their dream home. Now is the time to spruce up your yard or add an irresistible backyard oasis.


5. Let your Landscape fully grow in before Springtime.
A newly completed landscape often requires up to 6 weeks or more to fully grow in. At Flores Landscaping, we find that after one year of proper care and maintenance is when a Landscape really really shines. Let your landscape take root in the Fall and watch it reach its peak in the summer!

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