Drought Tolerant Paradise


Here at Flores Artscape we have years of experience in creating drought-tolerant landscapes that are low-maintenance and capture our customer’s unique aesthetic sense. This Eagle Rock project was no exception. Starting with a complete lawn-removal in favor of decomposed granite, our designer created a “California Zen” garden using an assortment of aloe plants.

Using drip-irrigation, we protect the hillside landscape from erosion and loss of nutrients by using a minimal amount of water which is dripped directly to the individual plants via an underground system. This area of land would require 10 gallons of water or more per week were it covered in grass—whereas it currently only requires 5 liters per week.

In fact, the project was recently featured in an interview with Cosmo Space America, a Japanese TV station, in their special report on the California drought.

Moving to the backyard, Flores installed a new deck, decomposed granite seating area, and a custom pergola with a concrete platform which can be used as an outdoor dining room.


In talking about her experience with the project, the owner said: “In the backyard we added irrigation, lighting, new stairs, Trex deck (which is an alternative to and lasts longer than wood), and a pergola. We love it all and have had many friends and family tell us they feel like they are at a resort (a small one of course!) when they are at our place!
”Throughout the entire project we were also lucky to work directly with Rumaldo Flores, one of the owners. He was part of the project from day one and frequently dropped by to discuss the progress and our general happiness with the project. 
”Overall a great experience and we would highly recommend Flores for your next project!”

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