Two Popular Types of Los Angeles Grass

MARATHON 2 grass


Marathon 2 is a highly durable, disease resistant grass that stays green all year long. Trying to decide whether to install it at your home or office? Check out this handy list of characteristics:

  1. Grows green all year long (does not hibernate) - making it perfect for Southern California.

  2. Very popular choice for homes

  3. Dense, lush green appearance

  4. Disease-resistant

  5. Can take up to 25% shade

  6. Medium injury recovery

  7. Weekend activity levels

  8. Does not tolerate dogs well



IMG_0171EDIT copy.jpg

Another robust perennial, St. Augustine grass thrives in warm weather.

  1. Best for dogs

  2. Very durable

  3. More drought-resistant than Marathon 2

  4. Thrives in heat

  5. Better in shade than Marathon 2

  6. Can tolerate high levels of salt in the soil

  7. Few pest problems

  8. Coarser than Marathon 2

  9. Hibernates in the winter & loses some color

Each type of grass can be combined with drought-tolerant beds or other plantings along with walkways or stepping stones. With 14 years of experience, we will make sure your lawn is perfect. We’ll work with you to come up with the design choices that fit your budget & aesthetic. 
Start your new lawn today! Early fall is a great time for a new lawn with cooler temperatures & occasional rain that helps it take root.