Restore and Revitalize your Deck

Refinished Cedar Deck

Refinished Cedar Deck

A great way to add enjoyment to outdoor living is refinishing a tired-looking deck. Besides bringing back it’s beauty, refinishing a deck greatly extends its life.  And if you’re looking to sell or simply increase your home’s value—this is a good bet.

What is refinishing? It is simply giving a new surface to something.  First, you want to check for loose or split boards and ensure that the structure of the deck is sound.  Where necessary, replace damaged or rotten pieces of wood.

Next is cleaning.  The extent of this depends on what surface you have on your deck and what surface you want to transform it with. 

If you want a new stain finish and have paint or varnish on it currently, it will need more work.

Here’s a video by “This Old House” on cleaning and staining an old deck.  It also gives information on preventing algae and wood rot and has some staining tips as well.

If you just want to paint it then it’s a much simpler cleaning task.

Sanding is the normal next step unless the wood started out untreated. That’s when we recommend hiring an expert to give your deck the best treatment possible.

A refinished deck will make it look like new, bringing beauty and enjoyment to your household for years to come.


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