A Top to Bottom Make-over

This beautiful renovation project was undertaken by Tommy Leng of TL Capital Holdings, a company specializing in the investment, acquisition and development of luxury residential and commercial real estate properties. Tommy brought Flores Artscape onto the project to execute his vision for the property. Every detail was carefully thought through, from the arctic white stones and yucca plants which have replaced a large area of thirsty grass; to the minimalist cable railing playing off the design of the house itself.

Arctic white stones and yucca plants

Arctic white stones and yucca plants

Flores Artscape also refurbished the garden wall in front of the house and installed the slatted gateway guarding the entrance.

The stunning backyard features a combination of beautiful drought-tolerant elements. The concrete pavers are accented by artificial grass and a second bed of arctic stones and sticks-of-fire succulents, which will turn orange as they mature. The rest of the yard is natural grass - so that any new homeowner may enjoy the best of both.

The hill at the end of the yard is filled with black mulch which not only enhances the style of the space, but also protects the plants from reflective light and keeps their roots warm. All topped off with a gorgeous redwood privacy fence surrounding the property.