Tranquility and the City

The first thing you may think when stepping into this lush patio and garden is that you've left on vacation. It's so peaceful you would never guess it's just a few blocks away from the buzzing center of Koreatown. 

On this project, Flores Artscape collaborated with a prominent New York architectural designer chosen by the property owner. Together, we turned this humble concrete and gravel lot into a resplendent oasis of peace and privacy. Utilizing the existing Lemon tree, we created a sort of desert zen garden, replete with river stones, agave, and kangaroo paw.

What makes this home special is its refined sense of elegance—from the combination of flagstone paths and concrete seating areas to the vine-covered walls. 

Every inch of the space is well-utilized with two separate seating areas for entertaining and relaxing. The custom built oversized bench is perfect for intimate dinner parties in the open air. There's even room for outdoor games on an open grass area. Who says you can't have it all in the big city?


The founder of Flores Artscape, Rumaldo Flores, is passionate about creating landscapes our customers can actually enjoy. He says, "Our slogan is ‘we bring your landscape to life’. Because a lot of times people have a yard and they don’t even go out because it’s boring; or it’s not set up to go out and enjoy your coffee, your glass of wine.  They don’t use it.  So when we go in we think of those points.  People enjoy it with their fire pit, their barbeque.  It feels good when you offer a service that people can enjoy.  We love to do that."